Friday, December 14, 2007

Lightning In Reverse

My haiku for the day. Inspired by an interstate view of the Rappahannock River.
Skyward bony hands
Reaching for Summer's last breath:
Lightning in reverse.
The last few days have been pretty incredible. I've been working a lot, but I have a chance to look back now as I begin my three day weekend. The screening of Juno on Wednesday night was an incredible adventure (the best idea I've ever had). The movie was all I expected it to be: fresh, funny, quirky, honest, and full of the sort of obscure pop culture references I love. Mark, Whitney, Josh and I actually all happened to be sitting directly behind the critics. A pun-fest on the word 'press' ensued and was quite gratifying. There were many belly laughs. We were lucky enough to see a great movie for free and to top it off we got these sweet promo t-shirts as well (read: "Paulie Bleeker is Totally Boss). Great trip.

To add to my recent string of spontaneity, last night I took another trip to Richmond. This time it was for the 20th year of Eberly Carro. I was working with my sister's ex-boyfriend, Owen (who also knew the birthed one), and we decided out of the blue to go down there after we closed up. We picked up another friend (Melanie) and proceeded to drive to Richmond. Got there around 1am and managed to scrounge together a few beers for the three of us. It was really a great time. I miss having a social life sometimes, I really do. There was lots of flirting, laughing, etc (the usual scenarios). Originally the plan was to leave around 2 or 2:30 but we ended up staying until around 3:30 when everyone was going to bed.

I got home and thought about my upcoming 9am court appearance and decided to have a cup of coffee and just stay up and twiddle my fingers until it was time to go. I ended up sleeping for around an hour, but I still made it to court and got out with only a little scratch ($111 and improper driving). It's been a good few days.

I feel good. I feel open and free. I find it invigorating, the process of sharing your soul with another. The way we search ourselves for words is so honest, so unlike the rest of our nature. There is no lying when your heart is visible. There is no cheating when you eyes are wide like windows. There can be nothing to hide when we are all just humans. I'm excited to explore the friendships that have been presented to me, it seems like the right time to create connections.

Another haiku:
There is no lying
To bruise the spirit of man
When hearts drink the air

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Do Not Taunt Me, Sun.

Some haiku to broaden the mind, today.
Fog-eyes move slowly,
Watch the systematic dance.
The man is old now.

You shepherd the fields -
Yellow and glaring and cruel.
How do you stay high?

Craned-neck for secrets
Or blindness, if nothing else.
Do not taunt me,
I find haiku to be simple and gratifying, I especially enjoy it when I lack the energy to create much else.

I had a long day at work (4:30am to 12:30pm) and I really would like to say more, but I will cut my post short for sleep's sake.

I will say this though:

My brother and I are going down to Richmond tonight to watch a screening of the new movie, 'Juno'. It looks really great. Quirky, good cast. I'll post a preview clip for your enjoyment. I'm really excited about this movie, and I think you'll see why. I'll probably pay to go see it when it comes out, too.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hitt Music Group

Last week I was contacted by a promo company called Hitt Music Group. I decided tonight to respond. I had an experience with a group called A&R Worldwide last year that just totally insulted me (I was compared to the Red Hot Chili Peppers), so I'm skeptical to say the least. But, I figured there could be no harm in following up with somebody who is considering me for a "potential label and/or publishing deal". The thing is, I value the hard work that this industry requires and these promotion companies make it seem too easy and it really turns me off. I also would never work with someone who didn't have the same passion for my music that I do; there's just no way I could be successful like that. I don't want ANY attention, I want the RIGHT attention. That's a hard thing to find. I'm keeping a positive attitude about it, hopefully this will be legit.

Zach Farrow

We're interested in speaking with you about your music, and to see where we could benefit your career. My name is Melissa, I'm an A&R scout for several labels and music supervisors throughout the country. I'm reaching out to you because the music on your myspace site is being considered by our A&R staff for a potential label and/or publishing deal.

So if you could please respond back with your contact info, I will have one of our VP's from our Los Angeles office contact you asap.

Thanks again, and we look forward to hearing back from you.

Hitt Music Group

Monday, December 10, 2007

Haiku by Issa

I feel like my moral fiber is tearing. The temptations of the world are weighing heavy on me and for some reason I keep giving in. It's strange that I find reason to fret here, it's always been a strange, self-destructive wish of mine to let my grotesque animal out. I wouldn't say I've gone so far, but I know I won't be proud of these days in the months/years to come. Perhaps this is just another case of me destroying my life as a means to sap what little inspiration it still holds. A peculiar habit of mine, but I imagine there are others like me.

A dear friend of mine has returned to my life. She is a muse in a big way. A painful one, but its such a great thing to feel for someone. I haven't seen her in almost a year, but she stands clear and bright in memory. I imagine a roll of underdeveloped film and this is my year in South Carolina. I remember vague inklings of what I had there, and even these seem to run together. Strangely, though, the recountings of my heart overexpose her. Its a resigned wash, and I hope for not much other than her continued presence in some aspect of my life. You understand, it means so much to turn to her and have her turn to me, and if that's all I can ever have it will more than suffice. I will humbly admit that it's rare for me to genuinely put someone's happiness before my own, but unexpectedly, both in its nature and timing, I find myself doing this for her. I wish her well, always.

This is one of her triggers for me:
Brilliant Moon,
Is it true that you too
Must pass in a hurry
-Haiku by Issa (1763-1827)

I'm in the process of adapting this to song, so far it's going well. I have reservations, though. I wouldn't want to jeopardize her well-being, yet sometimes you can do nothing but to write.

gypsy lines

this is an unfinished song that puts the title in context
A smolder of a daughter set on fire and burned away
If I'm guilty of these crimes then off with my head
I'm drawn with gypsy lines; I'm moving my bed.

I'm walking in the shadow of my shadow out of town
The darkness we create: the blanket of youth
I'm walking gypsy lines, my favorite few