Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Forest Tent Caterpillar

It is now officially spring. The swarm of caterpillars has arrived, preparing to defoliate every tree in reach. Get fat, get healthy and live, before the summer rains wash you away.

Outside my door, now: forest tents,
Caterpillars heralding spring.
My shutter is weak; I am lacking,
But wish to remember so much life.

Outside my door, today, tomorrow:
Dicentric, leaving them hungry;
We collect the love and eat it,
Swelling each time our moth-wings flutter.

I went to the gym, on my walk back I noticed the tree exploding and took a few photographs:


Green Eyed Muse said...

Incredible photos.
I have such an emotional reaction to these caterpillars. They remind me of childhood like WHOA. Thanks for sharing...

maybe one day soon i'll stop being anti-social. i'm forgetting what you look like...

Joshua said...

you can't ignore me forever brother, I am a determined man ready to holler at you (yes I think the verb holler is ready again for platonic, heterosexual, normal use and has run its course being used to describe the act of pursuing a woman) from all angles, I am running out of angles, however.

pretty pictures by the way. I know those caterpillars well, reminds me of home.

hope to see some 'you were never a locomotive' up on myspace tomorrow - seems I am living somewhat vicariously these days, but it's living.